2nd day of the 2nd month

The first month has come to an end, and another month has come and I guess its time to really start working on something; it’s safe to say that the first 30 days was just a trial period. Right?

February has the shortest days among any other months, it usually only lasts 28 days (or 29, if it’s a leap year) and I’m only down for 26 days more. Though I have the rest of the year to mess up, I would like to make sure that this will be the month to pull myself together.

It’s also the month of hearts, Valentines day is suppose to be this celebration of love in any its form and personally, I never really made a big deal of it. I mean, sure, I’ve been in love but I think (again) we make up days like these to somehow commemorate and give highlight to things that doesn’t even really matter.

I’m sure it would just like be any other day for me, it may not be to some but then again, we live different lives each day, but you don’t see people naming each day.

It’s the 2nd day of the 2nd month. Fresh starts.


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