The Moon and the Sea

The gravitational pull of this satellite varies depending on the distance between the Earth and Moon, and it helps create the oceans’ tides—like magnets that are attracted to each other. You see, the moon affects us individually in ways that we do not appreciate. After all, the human body is 70% water, right? So if the moon moves bodies of water, why not us?  It might sound crazy but I believe it does.

Another person can live on the other side of the world and have his own daily life not knowing who I am, and goes everyday making his own choices and would think that it doesn’t affect anyone but himself. But I like to think that all our actions have their own consequences.

A crescent moon is like a toe-nail in the sky; a quarter moon is like the other half of a heart missing it’s other piece. It’s very easy to be melodramatic about the Moon and the Sea. They seem to be connected even with such distance—that science probably has an answer of. But we’re not exactly science research. Unfortunately, we’re not statistics supported with data. Just like the Moon and the Sea—our distance define us.


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