Picture Perfect

A hole lies in my heart where this person used to live, this gaping wound that never happened yet, continues to tug at my fragile insides of my heart—only to break my heart in half.

How is it possible to have a heartbreak over someone you’ve never met? 

I haven’t met you but I feel your warmth and love for me. I feel your soft, soothing embrace when I’m sad. I feel your sweet breath upon my cheek when I curl up next to you. I feel your gentle caress when you tell me you’re not going anywhere—all of this in my head. 

Like a film reel playing in the back of my head, over and over again. But where do these feelings and rich visual pictures come from? 

I will continue to take pictures in my head, falling into my own illusions and falling in love with the idea of a person who isn’t really there. 

Trapped in my mind; a picture perfect lover.


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