Bonjour! I’m not really good with introductions, as I put too much pressure on trying to be funny, or saying something smart. The truth is, I’m neither one of those…

I’m Pete Mar Yves Villalino, a socially awkward not-so-teenage guy who fancy art, music, film, and other cliches you can come up to.

I’m never really good at anything. I mean, I would occasionally put “photographer” on my social media profile but I just say that just because I own a standard DSLR camera. Anyways, I think I’m not making any much sense and is probably thinking out loud more than I should be. So I’m impressed that you’re still reading this; as boring as this autobiography can get.

Well, as you would notice. I don’t have much content yet, that’s because I never really have that much commitment on doing something and actually be consistent with. So I’m starting off with my story or in-third-person perspective, his story:history.