This is a compilation of stories I used to keep to myself, snippets of conversations that has been translated into something that are delicately kept into the chamber of my heart. Where all the love – along with all the heartbreak – resides.

Written under the influence of heartbreak.

Lights off

“Lights off”

We’re right next to each other, but I know you can’t be with me.

I know the lights will go off, and I’m here waiting for mine to go too.

Sweet disposition

“Sweet disposition”

The silence that you would speak broke me, coz all I heard was nothing.

But I heard the screams you whispered…
it was our sweet disposition.

16779857_1474833429194403_617140716_n“Stop, Look, & Love”

It was all green
for a moment
and it meant ‘go’.

Less in a minute,
it turned yellow,
so I was like “whoa”.

You got me
in a state
of a stoplight
love affair.


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